Love flows through my body

Love flows through my body. I let it flow and heal all cells of my body and all places in my mind. I’m open for clear energy of love. I let it fill me up. It fills my, my entire body, it fills all cells of my body. It fills all the places of my mind. I let it come and let it go. I let it flow through my body. With every breath I make, I breath it in and breath it out. I let love light my body from inside and heal it. I open myself for more of love then I ever experienced before.

Now I see love also flows through other people. When I look at people, I see clear energy of love flowing through them. They may be aware of that, or may not be aware, but I see love in them. I feel that love coming from my heart touches love coming from their hearts. He connect through love. When we connect this way, there is even more of energy of love. It multiplies itself. I feel this state of feeling love becomes stable in me. I can feel it everywhere, I can experience love in every minute of my life. I feel really good.